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Table Setting

One of my favorite parts of cooking is making the meal an enjoyable experience for my guests.  A big part of that to me is spending a little extra time on the details of the table setting.  I have been acquiring little pretty pretties over the past several years and now have lots of options for making a pretty table.  I recently found a really beautiful green and white table runner at Marshalls for $10 or $15!  I added 2 silver candles sticks from a Pier 1 that I got from a store closing, 3 glass cylinder vases and little clear tea light holders that I got at Ikea for $3 (for 12 holders).  I added fresh lemons and limes to the cylinders to tie in the table runner.  I spent about $1o or $12 on the lemons and limes.  I plan on using the lemons for another batch of fresh mint lemonade (recipe to follow soon!) and will juice the remaining lemons and limes and freeze the juice in the ice cube trays for other recipes.  I love how it looks so much that I will probably buy fake ones to get the same effect and avoid spending a future in fresh fruit, having a freezer full of citrus juice or letting it go to waste.  The glasses on the table were garnished with a bamboo skewer that was threaded with a lemon slice and a piece of mint.

I picked up resealable glass bottles at Ikea ($3.99 each) for the fresh lemonade.  They added a pretty touch and function to the table.  I found nice green and white linen napkins on clearance at Macy’s recently that added a perfect touch of elegance to the table.  I also made napkin rings out of old spoons!  There will be a how to soon for them (they are beyond easy to make!).

I was really please with how pretty, fresh and light the table looked!

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