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I am Katie.  I live in Pittsburgh (oh you know, just the city of CHAMPIONS!) and  I love to cook.  I am happiest when family and/ or friends   are sitting around my table enjoying a meal and sharing stories and laughter!  I noticed myself spending a lot of time reading recipe sites, food blogs and cook books so I decided to get in on the action!

I love all things food, good craft beer and red wine.  Nothing is better than the moment when pure deliciousness enters your mouth, you close your eyes and a smile crosses your lips! 

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, reading, watching movies (especially at the drive in or outdoor movies when it’s warm), crocheting and enjoying the city!

I believe breakfast is the best thing ever.  Not only are the offerings completely mouth watering, but for me it’s usually a special occasion.  Whether that be the beginning of an exciting and fabulous day to come or a wonderful recap of a crazy night/ the cure to a hang over!  And don’t even get me started on the fun of breakfast for dinner 🙂

 Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time finding the things that make me happy, and have invested my energy into those things.  My family and friends are the biggest part of that.  Travel is another thing that I’ve been able to get back into this year.  Cooking is the other thing.  I am very much an amateur cook, and over the last couple of years have learned a lot through trial and error.

When I started to think about how I wanted to share my passion, I came up with a couple of options.  One of which is starting a bi weekly dinner with my girlfriends.  It gives me the chance to cook and to see my friends on a regular basis.  It is never fun to cook just for me (and I for some reason usually cook for 12 people regardless of how many it should be for!), so having them over makes cooking much more enjoyable.

The other thing I decided to do is start this blog!  I was racking my brain for a name or concept for the blog for about a week, and it suddenly hit me!  While bouncing around ideas, a funeral illustration for some reason popped into my mind.  It was the funeral of a dear family friend named Bertie.  She was a wonderful person who made the best short bread ever (I hope to tackle her recipe very soon!)  At her funeral, my dad (yep, I’m a PK) talked about people’s excitement when you hear the words “hang onto your fork” after dinner because you know something delicious was still coming.  The next part of the message was about treating death with the same excitement, because at that point, the best is still to come! 

So, in honor or Bertie and with an attitude of joy and excitement, knowing truly that the best is still yet to come in this life and the next, I would like to invite you to have a seat at my virtual table, join in my culinary triumphs and laugh at my kitchen disasters by welcoming you to my blog and a sliver of my life 🙂

I love feedback, so please feel free to comment on recipes/ ask for advice/ offer your tips!

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