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A happy Thursday night!

Tonight was girls dinner to the max!  My friend Leann is in from Illinois this week, and was able to join EVERYONE (well almost) for dinner.  I was so grateful everyone was able to make it.  Leann mentioned how she couldn’t stop smiling all night.  And I felt the same.

Sadly, we only get to see Leann a couple of times a year, but it is always a joy to see she and her husband, Mat.  And tonight I found out that Mat is a big cooker and griller, so I hope to have him share some recipes soon! 🙂

I had 8 friends and me around the table tonight.  I actually only have 8 chairs, but luckily it wasn’t a big deal because 2 of the girls had a commitment that made them a bit late and they arrived a little bit after we ate.  As I heated things up a bit for them, and peaked into the dining room, I thought about what a fantastic problem I was having at the moment.  I had more friends around my table than chairs.  I will take that ANY day of the week.  Chit chat and laughter filled my apartment as we caught up and enjoyed being together like old times.  But, I like to make sure everyone is comfortable and like things to match, so I think a trip to Ikea will be in order soon to pick up a couple more folding chairs!

2 of my friends husbands came and went for dinner and drinks at a bar near my place, and were back at my place at the perfect timing for me (and probably the worst timing for them!).  Seeing the stacks of dishes piled up, they insisted on washing all of the dishes!  Usually I make everyone leave them.  I would much rather sit and visit than worry about them; the dishes will still be dirty in an hour or even a day in my opinion!  But the guys won even more points from me by washing everything!  My friends are lucky girls!

Highlights of the night:

  • Having more friends than chairs
  • Leann being home
  • Using my new green table runner from Marshalls and making a super cute table around that
  • Delicious home made lemonade in fun Ikea resealable glass bottles
  • Champagne with blackberries
  • Chris and Mat (Nicky and Leann’s husbands) doing ALL the dishes!

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I am just a girl who loves to cook. I am happiest when friends and/ or family are sitting around my table enjoying a meal and sharing stories and laughter! I noticed myself spending a lot of time reading recipe sites, food blogs and cook books and finally decided to get in on the action! I am very much an amateur cook, and through the last couple of years have learned a lot through trial and error. So, I would like to invite you to join in my culinary triumphs and laugh at my kitchen disasters! I welcome any tips/ advice/ and comments that you may have!

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